Butter on My Biscuits

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Butter on My Biscuits was the gratitude given by a recipient of a goat years ago.  She was not home on the day the Heifer staff member visited her.  The next day, after hearing that he was going to be in the neighboring town, she walked there to give him this message:  "I'm so thankful to Heifer for my goat.  My family now has sufficient food and income and now I can put 'Butter on My Biscuits'".   What a joy she had that the rest of us take for granted.

During the spring of 2017, the SEPA Heifer Volunteer Committee is sponsoring for every Heifer International supporter, a STAY-at-HOME FUNDRAISER. We encourage you to celebrate Heifer International in one or more ways:

          Give a donation to Heifer International on this page.

          Host a party in the spring of 2017 to benefit and then contribute what you raise to this page.

          Share this opporunity with others and encourage them to participate.  

When sharing information with others, informative videos are available on top of this team page or by going to Heifer.org ( http://www.heifer.org/join-the-conversation/photos-videos/index.html ).     

The goal for the 2017 Stay-at-Home Fundraiser is $25,000.  There are additional matching grants on the first $11,000 from AgChoice Farm Credit, MidAtlantic Farm Credit, Triple M Farms, and the SEPA Heifer Volunteer Committee.  We wish THANK  those ADDITIONAL DONORS  in their support of Heifer International's mission of helping communities to eliminate hunger and poverty and the care of the earth.

And if you want to join as a fundraiser and encourage your network to support this cause and take part in this matching opportunity, please feel free to do so   All offline donations can be written to Heifer International and mailed to Mark Nestleroth, 1741 Airy Hill Road, Manheim, Pa. 17545 by June 30, 2017.  

Thank you for consideration of the 2017 Stay-at-Home Fundraiser and may God Bless you in all your efforts for Heifer International.




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