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Ever consider cows instead of holiday gifts? What it we consider it together?

Join Our Collective in giving the gift of cows this holiday! 

By donating what you can, you'll enable Heifer International to send cows to  families around the world who are struggling with hunger and poverty. And because each cow provided has the potential to have nine times the impact as its offspring are passed to even more members of the community, your gift will be multiplied and create sustainable impact for future generations. 

We know that collectively, we can make a difference this season for those who really need it. Thanks in advance for your generosity. It means so much to us! 

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The Power Of One Gift

  • Cows' offspring are passed on to more families.
  • This means your gift can have 9x the impact against hunger.
  • Livestock has the power to bring self-reliance to an entire community!
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