Worldbuilders Fundraiser 2014

Nov 9
Hosted by:Heifer International
November 9, 2014 at 7:00pm to
December 16, 2014 at 12:30pm
Goal: $700,000
$683,166 4 98% Complete

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Welcome to the Worldbuilders 2014 Fundraiser!

This year, we'll be compressing two months of fundraising into just 4 weeks! The plan? We don't want to step on your holiday season, plain and simple. So from November 10th through December 16th, it's on!

Because we're cutting the time in half, we'll have more frequent updates for y'all on the Worldbuilders page and Pat's blog. Auctions will still post every Friday, there will just be more of them. We'll list lottery items more frequently. And as the donations rise, the Stretch Goals will come fast and furious! *ahem* We mean, "quickly, and with vigour."

So welcome to the streamlined, slightly more hectic fundraiser!

If you're new to our little party, here's how it works. Anything you donate on this page goes directly to Heifer International. They get all of it. And for each $10 you donate, your name goes into a hat (it's a big hat) for a chance to win awesome books, games, and random swag donated by our lovely sponsors, other geeks like yourself, and the man who started this whole ball rolling 7 years ago, Pat Rothfuss.

If you don't want to chance it, we also run auctions for some of the weird stuff. You can check those out by visiting our eBay page. Most of the time, if we have multiples of an item, one will go up for auction and the rest will end up in the lottery.

So buy a goat for someone. That will net you 12 entries into the lottery. Give the gift of a Women's Self-Help Group and you're entered 7 times. Your donation might win you a cool prize, but it will definitely help feed a family, send kids to school, or help a group of women start a business.

Are you ready to build a better world?


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